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Knot Pillow

Juju & Jake creates exceptional quality decor items that we hope you will use for years to come. We strive to keep all our products safe and functional by using breathable cotton fabrics and best available hollow fiber stuffing. All materials are sourced in North America and do not contain any foam or harmful substances. Each item is carefully inspected before shipment for any tears or rips and overall safety and quality. Each item is hand sewn for durability and safety so it does not untangle and pose risk to your little one or your pets. 

We suggest that you get familiar with safe sleep recommendations to make a fully informed decision about using the braided bumper. We believe infants do not require any type of bumper in the crib, since they often do not sleep in the crib for a few months after birth. This product specifically is recommended from 6+ months, or when baby has full head control. Once your child is older and starts moving in the crib our bumpers can provide the needed cushion to prevent bumps and bruises and help keep those arms, legs and pacifiers inside the crib. Just checkout some of our reviews from happy parents who can attest they now get better sleep and baby gets better sleep once they started using our bumpers.

Each braided bumper comes with a set of fabric ties that can be placed in desired spots to best secure it to your toddler bed or crib. Please make sure to position ties to the outside of the crib and tie a double knot to secure them on to the bumper and another double knot to secure them onto the crib slat or toddler bed frame. Failure to tie double knots can result in your child untying the ties and being able to move the bumper and/or ties around causing risk. As always we are here to help, let us know if you have any questions!

Video instructions and photos coming soon!

We take pride in the quality of our products and only sell items we would use with our own children and family. If you have any further questions about safety or materials used please contact us!




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