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"Anyone else’s kids sound like they’re gonna break their crib while they’re sleeping? It can’t be just mine 🤦🏻‍♀️ Sooo I had my eyes on this for months & I finally ordered it! This adorable crib bumper, and guess who took a 4hour nap? It’s soft and sturdy so it doesn’t fall down like every other crib bumper I’ve used with Leo 🙄literally, what is the point of them if they don’t stay up? Anyway, Julian loves to snuggle up to it like he did to the dockatot sides (which he casually climbs over in his sleep now) and look how beautiful 😭 + hypoallergenic!! (JJ Is sensitive) and okay..Let’s be real. There’s some stuff on the baby market that are total 💰 wasters. Then there’s brilliant human beings that create beautiful, actually helpful things, and anything that helps my babies sleep better, I’ll always invest in. 👌🏼" - D. Petean

"Our bumper has saved the babe from lots of bonks on the noggin. Also it’s visually on point 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Very pleased with this product and the shop owner, who was quick to answer the questions I had prior to delivery!" - J Tull

"Love our braided bumper" - N. Pineda

"Amazing product, perfect for my boys cot. Agnes was great throughout offering advice and keeping me up-to-date on when the braid was created, shipped and more. Highly recommend." - L. Benecke

"So soft and well made. Keeps my little one from bumping her head and getting little feet stuck through her crib. Love it." - R. Elizabeth

"Literally the most gorgeous thing in my nursery! Quick shipping. Great product! Would definitely recommend." - N. Waschak

"LOVE this bumper! We wanted something that was a little more sophisticated...And this certainly fit the bill. Beautifully made. You can see that the shop takes great care to make top quality products!" - Alison H.

"Juju and Jake is an amazing store with quality products and exceptional customer service. The crib bumper is cute stylish and the owners are amazing. They worked with me extensively to ensure I was not only satisfied with the product but to ensure I felt safe and comfortable about the entire process. Juju and Jake make a quality product and provide beyond excellent customer service! Give them a try you won't be disappointed with their stylish products." - S. Patel

"Love love love this bumper!! My little one has acid reflux so his crib mattress is at an incline and try as hard as I can to keep him in the middle he lovebsleepojg on his side and rolling to the side and bamgijg his head on the crib bars. Now he just hits the bumper and doesn't wake up. It makes me feel better that he can breathe too since these are braided, cause I was very worried about the traditional flat ones. The shop owner was very nice and I'm going to tell everyone to get these! I know all crib bumpers are pricey but I'm so happy with these ones." V. Shumway

"Love!!! It's perfect, very soft and nice that it's machine washable 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼" - Rachel S.

"Best service that I have ever experienced as a customer! The product is beautiful and is very soft. My toddlers love them. The seller is very easy to communicate and always willing to provide help that meets customer's needs! Highly recommend if you need to add a little fresh style in home for both you and your kids :)" - Cindy R

"This bumper is worth its weight in gold. My child is a wondering sleeper so I do not have to worry about him waking up mad because he slept against the hard wood of the crib" - Katherine S.


"Best thing we've bought for our baby thus far!" Carling P.

"LOVE our braided crib bumper, and so does our son. He loves to look out of his crib, but was starting to bang his head as he's becoming more mobile. This was great solution to not block his visibility like typical crib bumpers. Highly recommend!!" - Kaylee G.

"This has made a huge difference in her sleep. I spent a lot of time designing the nursery. I didn't want to sacrifice that design with some generic branded bumper that really doesn't provide padding for my daughters WWF sleep tactics. Now my Small Fry sleeps through the night! Thank you so much!!! My only request would be able to request a custom size for the crib. I'm sure it was available because it's Etsy and I was just too sleep deprived to really look. ;)" - Katie O.